digital image processing and computer vision

What is image processing and computer vision?
Is image classification computer vision?
What is recognized by computer vision?
What is the difference between machine vision and computer vision?

Computer vision, or the ability of artificially intelligent systems to “see” like humans, has been a subject of increasing interest and rigorous research now. As a way of emulating the human visual system, the research in the field of computer vision purports to develop machines that can automate tasks that require visual cognition. However, the process of deciphering images, due to the significantly greater amount of multi-dimensional data that needs analysis, is much more complex than understanding other forms of binary information. This makes developing AI systems that can recognize visual data more complicated.
If you try to find a solution that can be installed on a home computer for video surveillance based on artificial intelligence, you will come across a huge number of "landings" in search results. These are small sites with a beautiful description, but without the ability to try and test the product.

All that will be there is a contact form that you will be asked to fill out and promised to contact. There are no prices or real opportunities to try the product on the sites of such startups.

Most likely their product is either not yet ready to use or it is a marketing study of the demand of the next startup, or a program that is too difficult to set up, requires powerful equipment or just buggy.

What is the difference between our product?

• It can be downloaded and installed immediately
• It does not require large resources
• It uses artificial intelligence
• It is functional and productive

It does not have many unnecessary options and settings. You just run the software and it starts to work!

The program can be run on a regular computer and does not require the purchase of a specialized server based on an expensive processor.

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From the Publisher. An introduction to computer vision and associated digital processing functions. Reviews all aspects of image processing, pattern recognition, 
Computer vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the 

Computer vision, on the other hand, focuses on making sense of what a machine sees. A
While Image Processing innately works with a single digital picture, Computer Vision more appropriately operates on a stream of images with a 
digital image processing and computer vision
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Computer vision, like image processing, takes images as input. However, it returns another type of output, namely information on size, color, number, et cetera.
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